Latest features of Pokemon Go.

Latest features of Pokemon Go.

When it was launched, Pokemon Go seized the whole planet by storm, because of its forever growing popularity. The developers of game had worked out a method to beat other trendy games for example Candy Crush and Angry Birds.
But at the present time, the ubiquity of game is turning down, so it is with immense anticipations that the admirers of Pokemin Go desire to make out what best parts Niantic inserts to the latest version of it to craft it still widespread and continue playing.

New Features of Pokemon Go.

1. Sightings.

Although this attribute is still need to be tested, it is an essential fraction of the new version. This feature tells you if there are new Pokémons sensed inside your locale

2. Driving mode warning.

If you are driving and playing while driving, it will at the present warn players not in favor of playing during driving. If game senses that you are driving faster as compared you would usually be estimated, a pop up will appear on the screen stating “You are going too fast“. And if you are only a passenger in the vehicle only tab on button of ‘I am a passenger’ simply.

3. A battery saving mode.

This option is also accessible in new update. This dims the screen if your device face is upside down, whereas the game still carries on.

4. Nickname Change.

This is in addition permitted in the latest version of Pokémon go. Though, you can merely modify your nickname one time, so you require to have established on 1 that you believe is most appropriate.

5. Pokemon Appraisal.

Version 1.5 of Pokemon comprises a feature recognized as Pokémon Appraisal. This will allow the guides to get learned strategy of the defense and attacking capability of their Pokémon by means of the Team Leader.
6. The curveball throwing accuracy.
This is among Pokémon go old features, has in addition been enhanced in the most recent edition of Pokemon.

Latest features of Pokemon Go.

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