What’s new in the iOS 8.3 Features Update?

Apple has always been trying to improve the user experience with their every passing update for iOS. Since they released the iOS 8.2, which was more focused on the stability and performance; but the iOS 8.3 is will finally give us some new features. Now that the full version of iOS 8.3 is released, let us look at what this update brings to the users.

New iOS 8.3 Features update

Apple iOS 8.3 Features updates

Memory upgrade in iOS 8.3

Once you update your iPhone to iOS 8.3, you will notice that there is a decent amount of space available on your phone. To say after the update, there’s 0.3 GB of more space available on the iPhone, which is good, compared to the 0.2 GB which was available on the iOS 8.2.

Photo Album / Camera after iOS 8.3 Update

After your iPhone is updated with iOS 8.3, the camera / photo albums get a better icon in the app. It is to say, it becomes more responsive, and changes the icon photo and replaces the ones deleted from specific album, which is nice; in fact the moment you delete a particular photo, and go back to the albums, you would notice the changing by yourself.

Keyboard upgrade in iOS 8.3

One of the problems faced on the iOS 8.2 was the spacebar issue, which was designed to be smaller and users faced difficulty while typing. This issue is resolved and the space bar has been given ample space on the keyboard, putting the period button to its place, and no longer is it a problem.

Messaging feature upgrade on iOS 8.3

Apple has added an amazing feature to messaging with their iOS 8.3 update. Now you have an unknown section, which will be separate from the contacts on your phone. Much like in the mail systems, where you have an “other / junk” section, where unknown mails from non-contacts are placed; similarly here if the number is unknown, it will filter and get added in that section, keeping it separate from your usual contacts. It does segregate your messages and help you manage it better.

Siri and Car connectivity update on iOS 8.3

Siri can make a speaker phone call, an update which was not available so far. All you got to do is tell Siri to make a speaker phone call. This is a nice update. Apart from this, you can connect to your cars wirelessly with the iOS 8.3 update.

Other changes with iOS 8.3

There are some good additions to your phone with the iOS 8.3 Update. Apple has added some more Emojis to the huge existing list. With the ‘People’ in the Emoji list, the iOS 8.3 update adds the new feature of choosing the skin color for them. The new update also enables users to add a passcode to even downloaded apps, which was unavailable before. Finally you would notice a better overall feel with visibility, less of crashing and how the animations in your iPhone have improved with the new iOS 8.3 updates.