Why You Should Jailbreak Your iOS Device


Jailbreak Your iOS Device

Most of the users of the iPhone think that “Jailbreak” is illegal, unsafe and void the warranty comes with the iPhone. But the case is not the same, in reality jailbreak is legal, safe and don’t void the phone’s warranty  and also it does not bring any harm to your iPhone although you can enjoy and download number of new applications, tweaks and themes by which you can easily personalize your phone which is restricted by Apple. Apple provides number of applications and features to personalize the phone some users consider it enough but some people want to enjoy the more customizations and want to remove all the restrictions set by Apple they are “Jailbreakers” .If you are worry about warranty then you can also “Unjailbreak” the phone whenever you want by simply restoring the phone through iTunes no one will ever know that you had jailbreak it.

Its easy to understand that why people opt for “Jailbreaking”. On your Mac you can easily personalize things of your own preferences like if you don’t want to use Safari browser to open the mail then you can easily download another browser and choose among different alternatives and make them your default browser and can make more changes. This is not possible in the iPhone although you can also get some alternatives in the IOs device of the default apps but IOS also gives priority to choose of default apps of the phone. Moreover some other reasons are there that you should go for the “Jailbreaking” lets discuss now what “Jailbreaking” brings

Cydia Store

First and the main reason of “Jailbreaking” your phone is to customize your phone according to your preferences. When you “Jailbreak” your phone you get Cydia app store installed on your phone which is alternative app store to Official app store of Apple through which you can download the number of third party applications which we are unable to download through Apple store.


Through Cydia app store you can also download the number of tweaks. Tweaks are basically extensions to the applications that make apps more users friendly and enhanced the features of the applications. Different tweaks have different functionality on different applications but the purpose of the all tweaks is same to facilitate the users to make reasonable changes in the phone.


Apart from the applications and tweaks you can also download the themes through the Cydia app store and can beautify your device. By default Apple has only one theme and users get frustrated by seeing the same interface every time so by downloading the themes you can make changes in the appearance of the interface.

Third party cracked store  

After “Jailbreaking” your iPhone you are also able to download the paid apps for free those are available on the official app store by simple installing third party cracked store like iFunBox, vShare, Installous and many more.

Besides these we can perform number of tasks after jaibreaking like enhanced lock screen, extended control centre, Set default apps, Reduce eye strain, lock folder or app with Apple id and much more. Till now we have discussed enough about what Jailbreaking brings now we will also discuss some misconceptions about “Jailbreaking”

Some Misconceptions about the “Jailbreaking”

Jailbreaking is illegal

You must be heard that the Jailbreaking is illegal tool but this is not the case jailbreaking is a legal process. It does void your warranty but you can easily restore your device to default settings without any traces of “Jailbreak”

Jailbreaking is unsafe

Second misconception in the people mind about the Jailbreaking is that it is unsafe and brings viruses and malwares with it. But its not true sometimes it happens that users downloads application from non reliable sources that can cause harm to your device. So, it is recommended to download the applications from reliable source like Cydia.

Jailbreaking is for Pirating apps

Some people thinks that applications that they download from Cydia after Jailbreaking the phone is pirated not the original version of the applications but this is not true the applications and tweaks which we download from the Cydia source are genuine applications not the copy one.

Jailbraking is permanent process

The most common misconception in the mind of the iPhone users is that “Jailbreaking” is a permanent process and once we jailbreak the phone we cannot “Unjailbreak” it but the truth is you can “Unjailbreak” the phone whenever you want by simply restoring the your phone through iTunes without leaving any traces of “Jailbreaking”

So if you want to make your device more personalize and user friendly you must go for the Jailbreaking process.