iTunes 11: Useful Computer keyboard Shortcuts, Tips & Techniques

iTunes media public library, popular music gamer, application coordinator as well as the area to go when you wish to sync your applications along with your iDevices has just recently viewed its 11th improve, along with lots of enhancements as well as brand new functions. A number of these components feature a smarter, extra coordinated searching encounter, sneak peek history, tailored referrals as well as a Facebook combination.

The brand-new improve produces iTunes a fairly strong application yet likewise an extremely complex one, so that a great idea to get some quick ways, recommendations as well as methods to assist you to browse with iTunes a lot faster and also a lot better.

iTunes 11 Computer keyboard Shortcuts


Our team are followers of quick ways as well as the style doesn’t quit at iTunes. Right here are several of the faster ways you may utilize to wind using the website.

Shortcuts Description

Option + Command + U Show Up Next
Command + / Show Status Bar
Command + F Search
Command + T Show Visualizer
Control + Command + F Enter Full Screen
Space Play
Command + . Stop
Command + → Next
Command + ← Previous
Command + L Go to Current Song
Control + Shift + Command+ → Next Chapter
Control + Shift + Command+ ← Previous Chapter
Command + ↑ Increase Volume
Command + ↓ Decrease Volume
Command + E Eject Disc
Command + [ Back
Command + ] Forward
Shift + Command + H Home
Command + R Reload Page
Command + M Minimize
Option + Command + 1 iTunes
Option + Command + 2 Equalizer
Option + Command + 3 MiniPlayer
Option + Command + M Switch from/to MiniPlayer
Enter Play the Selected Song
Command + 1 Open “Music”
Command + 2 Open “Movies”
Command + 3 Open “TV”
Command + 4 Open “Shows”
Command + 5 Open “Podcasts”
Command + 6 Open “Books”
Command + 7 Open “Apps”
Command + , Preferences…
Command + H Hide iTunes
Command+ Option + H Hide Others
Command + Q Quit iTunes
Command + N Playlist
Option + Command + N Smart Playlist…
Command + W Close Window
Command + O Add to Library…
Command + U Open Stream…
Command + P Print…
Command + I Get Info
Shift + Command + R Show in Finder
Command + Z Undo
Shift + Command + Z Redo
Command + X Cut
Command + C Copy
Command + V Paste
Delete Delete
Command + A Select All

Tips/ Secrets to obtain The absolute most Away from iTunes 11

Listed here  where our team shows you several of the basic techniques to assist you along with iTunes. If you possess even more to incorporate, merely lose that in the opinions area.

# 1. Make use of the Distant Application on iPod contact, apple iPhone, or even apple ipad to regulate your iTunes collection off range. The Distant application is actually on call in Application Retail store free of charge.


# 2. Coming from throughout iTunes, begin a hunt in the iTunes Retail store through inputting one thing in the Look industry as well as push Possibility + Come back.


# 3. Push Possibility + Erase to erase the chosen playlist plus all the tracks that include coming from your public library.

# 4. Push Command + Remove to erase the picked playlist without affirming that you desire to remove that.

# 5. Push Alternative + Order +?

# 6. You can easily utilize the 2-finger wipe action to browse backward and forward in between webpages in iTunes Establishment.

# 7. Always keep MiniPlayer atop all various other Microsoft window through beating the possibility in Preferences > Advanced.

mini play

# 8. When a tune is decided on, push Option + Go back to include existing track to Up Following line.

# 9. Push Option +Command + S to restore the fixed sidebar.


# 10. Push Shift + Command + L to browse the chosen product in