Is PanGu iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Untethered? Here’s How it Works


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The newly jailbreak which is released by the PanGu is now available for download. The new jailbreak support the devices which are operating with the iOS 9.2 and the iOS 9.3.3 operating systems which means it can be jailbreak with the 64-bit iPad, iPod, iPhone touch that running with the latest version of iOS. The thing which first comes in to the mind that either this new jailbreak is untethered or not as the same thing happen with the previous release of the PanGu and we all expected that it becomes as untethered. While, since that we have seen the jailbreak teams is come up with a tethered jailbreak.

After further investigation, we are able to know that the official website of the PanGu stated that “this is a jailbreak on the Demand”. There is also a further explanation which is given on their site that the user of this tweak will easily be remove the jailbreak from their iPhone by just rebooting it. This clearly means that just like the previous release this jailbreak is not untethered and it temporarily lost when you rebooted your device. The uniqueness about the new PanGu jailbreak is that, it does not require you to connect the device to the computer to get back the working jailbreak after rebooting it.

You only need to launch the PP app which is already installed on your iPad or iPhone. Whenever you reboot your device to get back the tweaks and Cydia working again, launch the PP app which is good for your device. Obviously this in not an ideal situation and just by calling it “on-demand” jailbreak is trying to sugar-coat the release of tethered jailbreak. It is important to acknowledge that, certainly it is better than the conventional tethered jailbreak which requires to you to connect iPhone to the computer.

Soon we hope that the PanGu will update the jailbreak with the function of untethered and also release to tool for the Mac and the 32-bit user’s devices too.