iPhones will not burst like Samsung Note 7, says Apple.


Owners of iPhone are having battery problems after updating to iOS 10.1. Consumers are complaining regarding a bug that forces the handset to indiscriminately shut down the moment it arrives at the 30 % of battery. When connected to charger, it hops up to 30 % in just 30 seconds.

Apple has released a battery substitution program to manage the issue, which is it states is restricted to a few devices of iPhone 6s. Other than the matter, in addition affects a range of other models of iPhone, such as iPhone 5C, 5S, 5, 6 and some others, reported by Techtimes.

On the other hand, users of iPhone can discover some support in the detail that dissimilar from Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung, their handset will not burst.

A statement of Apple on the Chinese website of the company stated whereas the user’s phone possibly will shut down because of low battery, they do not face danger of bursting phones the mode owners of Note 7 did. The corporation added up that iPhone is deliberately designed to turn off under such conditions to guard electronic mechanism from harm because of little voltage and in their study; no latest aspects have been discovered for the unpredicted shutdown of the device.

In the report, Apple persisted it had executed a detailed examination into the subject and established merely a few of iPhones created among 2015’s September and October have the problem caused by batteries being disclosed to air at manufacturing time, which is the reason behind faster drainage if battery than normal.

Apple will change merely the batteries of iPhone 6S without charge. Consumers can verify even if their iPhone 6S meet the criteria for a complimentary battery changing by giving the serial number of the handset on page of battery replacement on the website.


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