iPhone Lock screen Unresponsive: How To Fix It?

Sometimes you may experience a frozen screen lock, which may be unresponsive at that time. Although it may not be a major issue, but a temporary one nonetheless. When this happens, initially I used to freak out a bit and use all crazy logical ways to solve it, like press the power button in a frenzy or the home screen with a hope of solving it at that time. But of course now I know a few basic ways which are very simple to say. So the next time that happens, you can just follow these workarounds.

How To Fix iPhone Screen Lock Unresponsive

How to Open iPhone Lock Screen Unresponsive / Not Working

Restarting your iPhone for Screen Lock issue

Re-booting your iPhone when there is a frozen screen is the oldest perceived way from the book. It does work as an instant solution most of the time, and after re-booting your frozen screen lock issue is solved.

Using Siri to solve Screen Lock issue

Well, Siri is a handful feature on the iPhone, and it is available on the iPhone 4S or higher. Siri does come as a savior at times. So if you have the required version of the iPhone and Siri enabled, then solve the screen lock issue using Siri. Try opening an app using Siri, and try your luck with it. Many users do fail to solve it in this way, but it has worked for others though. You can simply rely on your luck with this trick.

Ask a friend to call you

If you have a friend nearby when the screen lock freezes, then great! Just ask this friend to call you, as this call will sometimes solve this issue. When you get a call, the lockscreen suddenly becomes all responsive.

Hard Reset

The hard reset is an option which almost always works out. But do not make it a habit to use it every time you face a screen lock issue. So when your iPhone’s screenlock becomes unresponsive, you press the home button and the power button together for at least 10 seconds, which will see your phone shut down instantly, this is because the power to the phone is temporarily cut off. Now again press the power button and home button together for a few more seconds, and your phone will start again. This would make the lock screen responsive again. Using this method is like knocking your phone out once in a while, which in the long run is not that great for the phone, so use it sparingly.

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Other simple ways

Screenlock unresponsiveness happens due to a lot of reasons, technical glitches, lack of space etc. So delete the unwanted stuff, keeping enough free space in the phone at all times, and overall keeping the phone clean. This helps big time.

Hope these solve the screen lock issue on your iPhone, they are simple and work most of the times.