iOS 9 Review | iOS 9 Features, Functionalities, Exclusives and Siri Improvements

The newly launched iOS 9 has actually been observed that to be better than the previous version which is iOS 8. The newer version has made it really convenient for running the iDevices. Siri has become much smarter, Apple has made quite a few improvements in the notifications and thus the drop down menu has been sorted out logically. The most important aspect is the devices which runs iOS 8, works just fine with iOS 9.

iOS 9 review – Functionalities and features

iOS 9 Review, Features for iPhone iPad

The most benefits can be ripped by the iPads from the update that is available in iOS 9. The new multitasking functionality specifically created for the iPad Air 2 has really offered excellent productivity on the go. Though this one cannot be said to be a complete new user interface as developed in iOS 7, but this one is definitely designed to run smoother.

The iOS 9 works along with older phones like iPhone 4s and the ipad 2. Apple did not eradicate the compatibility of the old phones or tablets from the list of iOS 9. It came as much relief to a lot of iDevice users that the iOS 9 is only of 1.4 GB and it does not require 4.7 GB space.

The major change is the list of “Siri suggestions” which is filled with most recent contacts and apps. You can toggle between the “show more” and “show less”. The apple maps have also been improved in the latest version. The “nearby” shortcuts is definitely a fast approach for looking up the restaurants, parking, and gas stations.

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iOS 9 review – Exclusives

Those who are obsessed with battery shall definitely appreciate the new reporting tools present in iOS 9. This shows exactly how each app is draining the batteries; you can see what services each app is using. This will help in saving the battery to a good extent.

iOS 9 is the first available version which supports the 3D touch features within the iPhone 6s and the 6s plus. This will enable the things like additional shortcuts, app icons when you long-press and also to peek into an email before it opens completely. A few of the designs in iOS 9 is covered by 3D touch, like the apps switcher.

The Siri screen displays different headlines from the new News app of Apple which makes it look some sort of a dashboard comprising of important information. Google Now has been improved to a much more extent and the re-styling of the Recent Menu is also an important addition to the iOS 9 features.