iOS 9 Features, Specifications, Released, Updates and Battery Life

Apple has been testing the iOS 9 vigorously which is in beta stages for now. At the recent event held by Apple to release its new lineup of iPhone’s and iPad’s, They announced the official date for the iOS 9 release which is September 16.

It has been 3 months since Apple announced its new mobile operating system iOS 9 with lots of new features and redesigned user interface which is easy to use as well as eye catchy at the same time. After the announcement, Apple released it for the developers to test it and report the bugs so that they can make sure the final version is stable.

After the beta period, Apple released it for public beta where anyone who is interested in testing the iOS 9 can register to install iOS 9 beta. Currently many people who are using iOS 9 public beta are happy with the features of the iOS 9. iOS 9 supports devices ranging from iPhone 4S to latest iPhones, iPad 2 & up, iPad air, and all iPad mini models. Apple took care of each and every detail to enhance the user experience of current users as well as first-time users.

iOS 9 Features and Updates

iOS 9 Features, Specifications, Released, Updates and Battery Life

There are many interesting features in the latest iOS 9 which makes it unique and outstanding. iOS 9 has the ability to learn from your activities on your iPhone or iPod. It will become wiser upon using it for a long run.

It can learn from your habits and one such example is that it plays the music automatically when you about to leave for work and same goes for applications and contacts which are launched depending upon their usage. iOS 9 also brings an enhanced version of SIRI which now supports more languages and it became smarter than previous versions.

iOS 9 also sports some special features which are designed especially for iPad Pro which Apple announced in their recent launch event. There is another amazing feature called “App Thinning” which will benefit users who are using 8 GB and 16 GB Apple iPhones or iPads.

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App Thinning reduces the size of the installed application on your devices as the application will only download the necessary files for your device rather than downloading all the files which are few notable things. There is no need to worry about space while downloading any system updates as Apple mentioned that from iOS 9 the size of the updates will be less when compared to previous system updates.

If you are having too many applications on your device then iOS 9 can delete the applications to download the system updates and reinstall them once the update is finished. iOS 9 also comes with a more enhanced Safari browser with better performance when compared to previous versions.

As mentioned above there are few features of iOS 9 which are tailored especially for iPad Air, Air 2, Mini 2, 3 and latest iPad Pro. One such feature enhances the multitasking capability and makes use of larger screens.

iOS 9 also makes use of the latest hardware of the iPhones and iPads which makes the true multitasking possible on these devices. Most probably Apple released iOS 9 on September 16 at 10:00 PST, you can download it via OTA or update your device using iTunes.