iOS 9: A Beautiful New Way to Stay Informed

All the news you want and all in one place


The iOS 9 has added some new Apps to your home screen such as the News app which put all of the stories which have interested in one place and you don’t have any further need to hunt the different websites through different apps to make sure that you are not missing the any big story. The News collects all the relevant stories which you want to read from all the top new sources which are totally based on the topics which you are more interested.

You have no longer need to move from one app to another app to stay informed. The News combines the rich and the immersive material which is found from the print media with the interactivity of the digital media and save you time to enjoy the attractively crafted articles which also shows the style of the publication sources from where they come from.

A Captivating experience

News brought you to the attractive editorial layouts and the typeface of print on your screen. You can enjoy the interactive and appealing stories which are full of the videos, photo galleries and the animation. The all news articles are optimized for both the iPad and the iPhone and you will enjoy the great reading experience by using any iOS devices.

Leading News Sources

The marvelous explores the huge selection of topics from all the leading sources, indie publication and the top news organizations. You are also able to add to your favorites which you find more interested like sports, technology, business, fashion and more.

The Stories you really care about

The more you show your interest the better News you will get as it continues to understand your interests, refining the stories selection which are deliver to your screen and relevant to your area of interest. You can easily safe and share the articles and can read them offline. The most interested news will remain on the top according to your interest.

An easy read

The News are designed so beautifully as they are very easy to read and use. The content is devoted on the maximum screen space with the nominal space bar and you can easily control the page with just the few taps. You can also browse the news feed and can see the new publication of your favorite sources.


You are also able to browse the different categories such as the entertainment, sports, politics, arts, technology, fashion and more. By tap into the specific topic to go inside to the subjects which you find more interesting. You will also receive the suggestion on the basis of your reading habits and the browsing history. You can also type the keywords in the search option and the News will search you a comprehensive set of the all relevant topic and channels and also narrow down the results which are match to your current interest.

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