iOS 10 Warn their Users About the Unsecured Networks When Using the Public Networks or WiFi

iOS 10 Warn their Users About the Unsecured Networks When Using the Public Networks or WiFi

iOS 10 offers the variety of security improvements which will make the iPhone usage more secure and comfortable for their users. A new feature which was discovered from the WiFi Setting page. The new operating system which warns the iOS devices and their users when they want to connect their phone to the public WiFi. Actually whenever you try or join the public internet connection which is potentially unsecured and the iOS will warn you and display a warning message at the top of the WiFi detail page. The warning will inform you that the open network or the available network has offer no security and expose all their network traffic.

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The iOS goes further and recommending the uses to configure their routers to utilize the WPA 2 Personal (AES) type of security for any particular network in case of if it affects your private WiFi. Although it is not a big new for all of you that all the public networks are highly unsecured and when you try to connect them or use them your date is vulnerable to being intercept and capture. It is good to see that the Apple is continuously raising the awareness about adding the warnings on the WiFi setting page. Please note that the warning will only appear when it connects to the unsecured network or the network is not already secured.

The public networks such as which are found at the malls, airports, restaurants, coffee shops are requires you to visit the conformation page each time you try to connect to them. The iOS 10 also enable with and offers the Auto Join and Auto Log-in toggles. When the available networks are turned on the iOS will connect automatically to the known WiFi without requiring you to visit the page again and perform some extra steps to connect it again.