iOS 10 different features that you should know to use.

After apple lunched iOS 10 it included lots of latest features and developments. If you have noticed, there are modifications in the Notes, Phone, Mail, Photos, News, Camera, Maps, Calendar, Messages apps, Music and Safari. Loads of the features are extra delicate than others, other than it is significant to talk about some of these features which are mentioned underneath.

1. New Feature of Notes

New Feature of Notes

The app of Notes on iOS 10 at present permits users to collaborate. You can put this up by making a note and after that by tapping on icon of collaboration, which in red is circled in the picture above. Subsequently tapping the icon, you can select how you want to send invitation of Notes collaboration, by Facebook, Messages, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

2. New Feature of Mail


The app of Mail has turn out to be smarter. If the option of “Move Message” is activated in Settings>Mail>Swipe Options, after that you will observe that Mail app will begin creating suggestions regarding automatically moving of the messages to folder. For instance, I want to shift work emails in folder of “Work”. Consequently this characteristic initiated suggesting emails as of my contacts of work to be located in “Work” folder.

3. New Phone Features


Now iOS 10 permits you to get apps that informs users regarding incoming calls that are spam. Such as, an app named Hiya that demonstrates a shield of “do not enter” when it decides that an incoming call is as of a number that is identified for being a fraud or scam.

4. New Feature of Camera/Photo


Photos app has a new feature named as Memories. The feature of Memories draws together photos derived from the times and locations to automatically make slideshows of video. This feature depends on photos in the Camera Roll of yours to create the video slideshow. For instance, a video that was created by memories features as of my Camera Roll in the tab of Memories was named “Best of Last 3 Months.”

5. New Feature of Calendar App

Apple inserted a feature of found events in app of Calendar in iOS 10. This indicates that the app of Calendar will propose occasions that have been discovered in the Messages and Mail app. If you desire to stop this new feature, you can turn off it in settings by simply going to Settings>Calendar>Events Found in Apps.

6. New Feature of Maps


Apple Maps contains integration of 3rd party apps, comprising apps similar to OpenTable and Yelp. Currently when you look for a location and choose digital card of that specific business as of the app of Maps, it will demonstrate the appropriate content like the menu, reservation options and the reviews.

7. New Feature of Music


The app of Music has been done over in order that you can see the lyrics of the songs whilst you listen to it. To get the lyrics of song at the same time as you are listening, roll down the section of “Now Playing” and then you will observe it underneath the controls of audio.

8. New Feature of Safari


-For iPad
If you own an iPad, then 2 websites can viewed in side by side tabs. This can be arranged by going to Safari, press and hold the button of tab at the right corner on top and when push downward on the button tab; a message will inquire to “Open Split View.” Then pull tab to left and other on the right. This specific feature works on iPad mini 4, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro.

9. New Features of Siri


Apple inserted the capability to rapidly call a Lyft ride or an Uber by means of Siri. You can perform this by merely informing Siri “Call an Uber” and after that choosing the kind of car you desire
-Make a Call on WhatsApp by means of Siri


Apple inserted the capability of WhatsApp phone call making utilizing Siri. Though, you will require to insert support intended for this specific feature by going to Settings>Siri>App Support>WhatsApp. Subsequent to you modify that, then you are able to make WhatsApp phone calls by means of telling Siri “make a phone call with WhatsApp” and after that speaking who you want to call.

10. New Features of Messages

New Features of Messages

One of the largest announcements of iOS 10 was the App Store of iMessage. At present you can locate apps twisted particularly for iMessage while tapping on icon of App Store inside iMessage, by tapping on 4 circles at left bottom and after that tapping “+” sign Store icon. A few of the famous apps in iMessage app store comprises ESPN, Fandango, iTranslate, Square Cash, iMoji, The Weather Channel, Poll and Words With Friends.
– Screen and Bubble Effects


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iMessage at present has latest effects of screen and bubble. You can place up these by extensive pressing on button of Send. The effects of “Bubble” are Loud, Slam, Send by means of Invisible and Gentle Ink. And screen effects similar to “Send with Fireworks,” “Send with,” “Send with Shooting Star Lasers,” “Send with Balloons” And “Send with Confetti.”


Tapback is another latest feature that allows you respond to a message with heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, “haha”, 2 exclamation point marks or question mark. You can turn on this specific feature via pressing down a message.
-Handwrite Text Messages


When you rotate the device in landscape style whilst using the app of Messages, it will change to a form that permits to handwrite the text messages.
-Turn off capability to reply Messages as of Lock Screen
There is a method to turn the ability off to answer to messages as of the lock screen in iOS 10. You can set this specific feature by simply going to Settings>Touch ID & Passcode and giving your Passcode. After that you can roll down where it states “Reply with Message” and place the button to “Off”. Subsequent to that, you will not be capable to reply to any message on the lock screen.