IfFound3 tweak for iOS 9 makes it easier for others to return your lost iPhone


The worst thing which can be happen to the iPhone user is the lost of his or her smartphone. It happens many times the device was founded in the someone’s hands who likes to sell to sell the phone and now the users of iPhone should thanks to the iCloud activation lock, which try to return it back to the original owner. Though it is very hard that when you lost your iPhone and it came into some good hands and he or she makes sure that the device will reach back to the original owner safe and sound. if you lost your iPhone and you are very lucky enough that your device land in the hands of person like that, then you should have installed the IfFound 3 tweak.

It is the must have tweak for the all Jailbroken users and has been here for several years. The newer version which is called the IfFound3 has been released, is fully supported for the both iOS 8 and iOS9. This tweak makes it easier for another person who found the lost iPhone and tries to contacts the original owner by using different methods. The tweak displays a button after the Passcode screen which reports the finder that the device as lost. It also works even the device has no Passcode and protected with the Touch ID this will also display that and report this iPhone as “Lost” in some other parts of the iOS like the Control Center.

The new updated version of the tweak also launched with an ability that the finder can take a photo or screenshot from the front camera and send them to the real owner via email. It works with the stealthily and the owner is able to judge the activities of the suspected thief. If the finder of the mobile wants to return back the iPhone to the original owner, he or she have several options such as ability to call on the emergency number which is entered by the real owner, or even cam message or email them.

The updates of the IfFound are available for free only for those who previously own the tweak while the other new subscriber can download from Cydia only for US $ 1 on their Jailbroken iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices.