iCloud Drive: Any Kind of file, On all your devices


with the help of iCloud drive you can easily store all of your spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, images and any other type of documents or file in iCloud and all of them are easily access from iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac and PC users. The new iCloud Drive has built into the iOS 9 which make it easier for their users to bring any documents into the iOS devices. The user can access everything easily which is save to the iCloud right from the place of your home screen.

Keeping files in iCloud is very Simple

The iCloud Drive app which is built-in into the iOS 9, save all your files very easy and also make it easy to find, organize and share them from one device to another. To add the new file is very simple, just open the new document by using the iCloud which is enables to your iOS device. If your Mac is running with the OS X Yosemite or the later and you are using Window 7 on your PC or the later version, you can easily drag the file in the folder of iCloud Drive. Everything which you save to the iCloud Drive is automatically become up to date, all across in your devices.

Edits which you make on one device appear on all of them

You have always access to the latest version of all documents by using the iCloud Drive from any of your device such as the Mac, iPad or iPhone. For example if you start to creating the presentation at your home on Mac and then make the final edits in the class and then present it by using the iPad. The all changed and editing which you made along the way automatically appear on all your devices.

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Start you Work in one app and the add the finishing touches in another

All of your apps can now share files and you can easily work and access to the same files by using the multiple apps. You can easily browse or can search a file to the new built-in iCloud Drive to the iOS 9 by name, tags or date which you added on your Mac. Whenever you find a file which you need, open it simply from the any friendly app to edit it from the iOS devices. For example, you start to create the drawing from the sketching app then you are also able to open it in the painting app to make it colorful. If you create a chart by using one app and then want to place it in the slideshow by using the presentation app. There is no need to make more copies of the same file or importing the documents from one app or folder to another. The entire level of collaboration between the all apps is awesomely amazing.