HP Printers Start Rejecting Budget Ink Cartridges


HP Printers are available in large amount of number which stop recognizing the unofficial printer with the cartridge of ink on September 13.

Dutch got this printer in 123 ink and it was received for about more than about 1, 000 complaints in a day.

During its last firmware update, HP said about it that they have changed their printers so much that they cannot communicate anymore with the chipped cartridges of HP.

Some of the devices were functionally built in and 123 inks believed it to be a firmware update of the issue in March 2016 and suggested all the changes in the preprogrammed roll out of this mouth.

This update is rolled out periodically which comments on the last instalment of timing. The update purpose was the project of innovation of HP and the property that is intellectual.

Some of the customers have angered its cartridges of HP branded and notices the unofficial brands that are expensive.

Cartridge Problem

The message error is reported with the problem of cartridge which was like damaged or missing for the old generation of cartridge.

The contribution to the support of HP forum presented about the firmware which has been updated without any kind of permission and the message error is now linked to the ink of cartridge which got damaged.

It must be used on daily basis which is helpful in the trouble.

Some have the problem of HP to stop and people bring this with equipment. The Office Jet and Pro was the printer which got affected.

Cartridges with chips are with the alternative ink and work for HP.

These printers work with the remanufacturing of these cartridges and with the original chip of the security and this may not function properly.

Many are the cases which functions in the HP with installed printer and some are the cases which implements the info with an update of firmware of printer.