How to Use the Apple 4th Generation Remote TV on Your Mac


The feature of any device which people hated or love depending on how it worked for them and what is offer them for the their convenience. The user of Apple loves to use the Apple TV remote to control the media on their Mac and Apple TV. It is very unfortunate that the most recent Apple TV remote works over the Bluetooth in its place of IR and the TV remote is not work with the Mac even out of the box. Luckily you can use the remote with your Mac with the use of the freeware app “SiriMote”. In addition to its benefits it also works over the Bluetooth and you don’t need any further point to use the remote in order to work it properly.

How the use the Apple 4th generation remote TV on Mac


Step 1

  • The first step is to download the application.
  • After downloading the app tap on the button, “Free for your Mac”.
  • When the downloading is completed unzip the downloading file.
  • Drag the downloading app to your application folder and then open it.

Step 2

  • Control QuickTime, iTunes and the Keynote with your Apple TV Siri Remote
  • Connect your Mac with the Apple TV Siri Remote follow the instruction are give below
  • First turn off and then unplug your Apple TV.
  • Launch the System Preferences and then click on the Bluetooth.
  • From the remote button press the Menu and the Volume Up button and then hold it for only 5 seconds.
  • Click on the next pair to the new appeared device from the Bluetooth System Preferences.

It is also very unfortunate that and you really feel said when you know that you are not able to use the remote on your both devices like on the Mac and Apple TV at the same time. You can only use the remote only for one device and you want to use on the Apple TV then disconnect it from the Mac.

Re-connect the Apple remote with your Apple TV


  • On the System Preference “Bluetooth” click on the “x” button which is next to the Apple Remote.
  • Open your Apple TV and wait until it finished the booting.
  • From the remote press the Menu and the Volume up button and then hold it for just 5 seconds.
  • Now your remote is in connection with your Apple TV.

There is all set up once you completed the connecting and a new window is appear which shows you the control and you can use the remote on you Mac. The app doesn’t only support the iTunes but it also support the VLC Media Player, Keynote, QuickTime Player, Microsoft PowerPoint and even you can control the System Volume. One thing which is also unfortunate that the Siri button left unused and soon it will be added in the future updated the make the Siri connect with the Mac.

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