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How to use multiple accounts of WhatsApp on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak


Do you want to get or install 2 accounts of WhatsApp on a single iPhone devoid of jailbreak? If yes then this trick will help you using multi WhatsApp accounts, each account with a dissimilar number of phone and yes on a particular iPhone, no jailbreak is needed.

Earlier than you go on installing 2nd account of WhatsApp on iPhone, it is vital to note down that the procedure entails believing a source that is un-trusted by Apple. There possibly will be security possibility to this. Whereas we have not established any problems by way of the app in our experimenting, you may possibly desire to continue at your personal risk only.

Following is the step-by-step tutorial to do this in an easy and quick way. This method is experienced and verified that this will not merely facilitate iOS 9.0 to 9.0.2, also on the most recent editions too, comprising iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2.

Step 1:

 The first step is to download WhatsApp from App store and install it by giving it the 1st number. Or you can already have a running one. It’s one of the same thing. That’s your first account.

Step 2:

After that to install 2nd account, open the Safari browser from your iPhone.

Step 3:

Go to the given URL:

“ ios.othman.tv”

Step 4:

When you are there then tap on WhatsApp 2.

Step 5:

Now you will observe an icon of WhatsApp that will be orange in color, and immediately under it, a button of green color. Just tap on that button to start the downloading of WhatsApp 2.

Step 6:

 Now the iOS will quickly show you a dialogue box of message regarding if you desire to install this app, or stop it. Tap on Install option to start the downloading.

Now you can leave and close Safari and just wait meant for WhatsApp 2 to get downloaded and afterward installed.

Step 7:

Once WhatsApp 2 is installed, simply go to Settings, like Settings>General>Profile.

Step 8:

In Profile menu, tap on “VNE Software and…” and at the time when is asks to verify, tap the button saying Trust.

Step 9:

Now open the 2nd WhatsApp you installed on Phone and trail the normal process of activation, except this time put your other phone number on which you want to use 2nd account of WhatsApp for purpose of verification.

That’s it! Your 2nd WhatsApp is ready to use.

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