How to Use iPhone as a remote to control Spotify running on the computer


If you are not the user of Apple music but you like to stream the music then there might be a chance that you are the part of the Spotify team. The best music streaming service Spotify is an app that offers their users some cool features on their own viable choice. You may be not aware that you can use your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch devices as the remote to control the songs that playing on the Spotify running on the Mac or the PC Windows. By using your mobile device you can play, shuffle, pause, control volume, repeat tracks or can play several playlist on your computer.

This is the fantastic functional experience when you are using the Mac to listening the songs on your speakers while you are sitting in the next room. It is also very grateful for any event and the party time. It is extremely simple to use your iPhone as the Spotify remote, you just need to download and install the Spotify app in your computer along with your iOS device. When the app starts running the iOS app will quickly asked you by using this app would you like to control the Spotify running on your computer of you just like to use the mobile as its own. When you select the option use it as the remote you are able to control the Spotify running on your computer.

You are also able to switch the device by tapping at the bottom on the green device title. You are also required to tap on “This iPhone” from the device menu to stop the feature as the remote control and use the Spotify on your iPhone itself. By using this feature you make sure that all the running devices on the carried with the same Spotify account.

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