How To Use iCloud Password Login on Mac OS X Yosemite

As an Apple user, there is a case of using multiple passwords for different things that you use. Generally we tend to use different passwords for the Macbook and iCloud logins. Considering our emails, or social logins, it may become a tedious task to remember the many passwords set up for different accounts.

Mac X Yosemite offers to simplify the whole password problem and allows users to login to their Macs using the iCloud password. The iCloud password can be used at boot, to reboot or in general to all the pages that may require a password to proceed. This is just to make life a little simpler and free you of the hassle of remembering multiple passwords, wherein you can simply set up the tone of your Mac using your iCloud password.

This may be a good option for the average Mac user, but may not be as appealing to a user who works under high security conditions, where having multiple passwords for different usages may sound the right options. Nonetheless we have put down a few easy and simple steps for your understanding to enable your iCloud password on to your Mac.

Use iCloud Password Login on Mac OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite

Using iCloud Password login on Mac

To start with you need to have the Mac X Yosemite installed in your Mac book to avail this feature. If that is available then follow the simple steps listed below.

1. First, go to the Apple menu and choose system preferences from the dropdown menu.

2. Once there, you need to choose the panel which says “Users & Groups” and after that select the primary Mac login which can be found on the left side. This would be the account which you will be associating the Apple ID / iCloud Password for unlocking and using.

3. Done with the second step? Then click on the “change Password” button which will be next to the username.

iCloud password to login on Mac OS X Yosemite

4. The system will prompt you with the message “Would you like to change the password for “User Name,” or “Begin using your iCloud password to log in and unlock this Mac?” at which point you can choose “Use iCloud Password.”

iCloud password login on Mac OS X Yosemite5. At this point you need to enter your old password, and then login with your iCloud account (Apple ID) and the associated password, as you have already chosen “Use iCloud Password” to set it as your login password for your Mac.

iCloud change Password

6. Now you can either reboot your system or open any page which would require a password to proceed, and check if everything you did is working fine.

The use of multiple passwords varies from different users all around. Some users prefer to keep a different password for their Mac, which is completely understood. So by these steps you will just have a common password for your iCloud Account as well as your Macbook. This feature is available in the Mac X Yosemite.

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