How to Update Unjailbreak iOS 8.4 on iPhone, iPad touch, iPod mini | Cydia Impactor

Now that you have learnt all the tricks for jailbreaking your devices, the next thing that you shall be interested in learning is how to UnJailbreak iOS 8.4 your devices. We bet you must be curious in knowing the tricks in unjailbreaking the idevices that you have been using for such a long time.

Step for guide how to remove or unjailbreak iOS 8 – iOS 8.4

Remove or Unjailbreak iOS on iPhone iPad iPod | Cydia Impactor

So here it is, we have come again will the complete guide to help you in restoring your device without updating the iOS. But before you proceed we would advise you to back up all your stuff using the iCloud or the iTunes or any other method that you feel safe.

1. First, after you have backed up all your data, you need to open cydia from the jailbroken iOS device.

2. Then you have to go to the search tab and type of the search bar “cydia impactor

3. The next step is to tap on the right corner where it will be mentioned “modify/install” and then you have to “install” again. When the pop up comes along, click on confirm.

Cydia Impactor

4. After the installation has been complete, you shall be able to see the line “Cydia impactor installed”. Then you can tap on the “return to cydia” button.

5. Now, what you have to do is tap on the home button and keep sliding through the screen until you see the “impactor” icon on the screen for launching the cydia impactor.

6. A warning will arrive on the screen along with the button at the bottom of the screen which mentions “delete all data and UnJailbreak device”. There are certain factors that you need to consider before moving forward with this step.

Cydia impactor Unthread Jailbreak iOS 8 - iOS 8.4 update

7. Make sure you have a very good data connection or a Wi-Fi signal strong enough to download a good amount of data and enough battery to complete the process without any interruption. Also read very carefully, the message that comes along with the impactor.

8. Now, when the device is ready, you can tap on the “delete all data and UnJailbreak device”. You shall observe some logging text which shows the work the impactor is doing and then the device will be rebooted automatically.

9. Well done, you have successfully restored the device without the support of PC or not updating the iOS and jailbroken it completely.

Remember that, while your device will be rebooted to the actual iOS version, you shall have to reactivate it by making the use of SIM cards, iCloud account etc.