How to Turn Off Time to Stand Reminders on the Apple Watch


The users of Apple Watch know how intrusive the Apple Watch for a certain time. The reminders and the notification annoy many of the users when the Apple Watch reminds them for a certain time to stand up and walk. Although it is the good feature which can helps to improve the health but it can annoying you for certain times specially if you deliver a lecture or you are busy in the meeting. This post will help you how you turn off the Time to stand reminders on your Apple Watch

Turn off the Stand reminders on your Apple Watch, follow the instructions give below.

  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone
  • From the button bar tap on the “My Watch” and then on menu go to the “Activity”.
  • Search for the “Stand Reminders” option on the next page and turn off the toggle which is next to it.

Now your Apple Watch still track your Activities like the normal app including your current progress, but it will not disturb you. You are also able to view your status in addition to your exercise and the move stats from your Activity app which is found by both the iPhone and the Apple Watch itself. The only change you will notice that you will not receiving the vibration or any notification when you are sitting for the 50 minutes of an hour. You are also able the turn on this feature back whenever you like.

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The Apple users hope that in the future the Apple allow their users to turn off the reminders alongside with the other reminders individually for the limited time like the DND mode, as they become activated after a some specific time set by the user. This is a very useful feature which can be turned off the app temporarily and then it will back turn on after some specific time automatically without any effort made by the user.