How to tell if an iPhone is water damaged


The worst thing can be happened with the iPhone user or owner, when his or her iPhone devices become damaged from water. The Apple makes the matters more worse as it does not offers the free maintenance or repair under it one year limited warranty or even from the AppleCare Protection Plan. Although it is very easy to argue on the device when it becomes damaged from the water but sometimes it’s even becomes more complicated too when you not much sure that problem is actually caused by the water related to your iPhone.

You can take the advantage of situation form the Liquid Contact Indicator which is built-in the current iPhone devices such as the iPod touch and iPhone. These indicators helps you to identify the problem caused by which factor for example when the indicator in turn on red it means that iPhone has been in contact with the liquid such as the water and it can easily be seen from outside the device even without opening the entire device.


How to find out the iPhone is water damaged

The LCI indicator is normally in the silver or white color and when the device becomes connect with the liquid or water it’s immediately turned as the red. If you device indicator is become red there is not a good news for your device. Now this post will teach you how to check out if the indicator becomes red? It truly depends on the device which you have used. Read carefully the information is give below to find out the iPhone has become damaged from water.

Checking water damage for iPhone 6 or iPhone 5 models

For the iPhone devices such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c. If you suspect that any of these devices become damaged from the water, immediately pull out the SIM tray and look inside the device. If you find the red indicator it means that you device has been damaged form the water.

Checking water damage for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G models


If you are using the older iPhone device such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS devices then you should look to the LCI indicator in headphone connector and the 30 pin connector port.

Original iPod touch, iPhone, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano

The LCI indicator is located at the headphone connector in all these devices. The iPod touch 5 has not any LCI indicator.

By knowing how the iPhone is become damaged from the water in only useful for your device but also can judge the any other iPhone device best when you purchasing it form others either it is damaged from water or have any other problem.

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