How to stop certain apps that open automatically on the Mac Startup


When you are sign in to your account or turn on your Mac you may be notices that some certain application will start running automatically. This will be a good behavior if you use these apps regularly or if you want to use these apps right now. But it will annoying you especially if you are not want to use such app right now or it slow down your computer speed or efficiency. So, if you want to avoid all these certain apps the automatically starts running as you soon turn on your Mac or just sign in to the user account. If you are getting rid of these entire apps and sudden happens now, there is a perfect tip for you to escape from all annoying apps that might slow down your computer.

Stop the apps that automatically open on startup

After turning on your computer open the “System Preference” first of all by clicking on the logo of Apple from the menu bar. The next step is to click on the “User and Groups” this action will perform or open the page that shows you a list of different users account on your computer screen. The next action is to select the one that you want to make it change from the left pane. The system preference window displays the general setting icons that actually contain the whole setting options.

After clicking on the Users & Group icon the new window open in front of your screen with the similar name. The next following step is to click on the “Login Items” that just appear at the top center of the new open window as you see in the image. Now a new list is appear in front of you that showing the list of all apps that automatically open every time when you turn on your computer. The statement is written on the above table of all apps that “these items will automatically open when you long in”.

The next step is carried the two things the one thing is to hide the application from the automatically open app list or the second is you completely want to remove the app form your computer. You can do both things according to your choice or preference. If you want to hide the item from the list then click on the checkbox to mark it as hide. If you want to remove the app completely form the list then just click on the “—“button that just marked with the above arrow.

Now you are become familiar and know how to stop certain types of apps that automatically starts as you startup you Mac.

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