How to Setup the Google Sync Account on iPhone or iPad


If you are using the Google Sync account either for personal or for the corporate usage and you want to set up it with your iPad or iPhone, then you come at the right place. You are able to synchronize your contacts, calendars and mail with your device after setting up your Google Sync with your devices by following the steps which are given below. The users are also able to set the messages alerts for the upcoming events and meetings. Google Sync Account can also be set up for the Google Apps such as for work domain, government domain and educations domains.

Before setting up your Google Sync account with your iOS devices make sure that all of your contacts and calendars on iTunes are saved and created with the fresh backup. You also have required to setting up the default language on your devices such as the English (US) as you can easily access to the server. Adding the Google Sync account to your iOS device follows the steps which are given below.

Step 1

Open the Setting app from your iPad, iPod or iPhone and then go to the Mail > Contacts > Calendars option.

Step 2

The next step is to tap on the “Add Account” button and after that tap on the “Exchange”.

Step 3

In next step you need to enter your email address and password and you are also able the add the description as an optional. Once you have done it then simply tap on the “Next” button.

Step 4

Now in the “Server” area enter the and then leave the “Domain” area empty.

Step 5

In the Username field type the email address of all your Google Apps and then enter the password (enter it if it not already entered).

Step 6

Hit on the “Next” button to proceed further.

Step 7

The last step is to enable the toggles for items which you want to sync such as Contacts, Calendars and Mail with your iPhone devices and finally hit on the “Save” button.
Now you are able to set your Google Sync Account with your iOS devices such as iPad, iPod touch and iPhone to make the Google to work on your devices.

How to Setup the Google Sync Account on iPhone or iPad