How to record iPhone’s Screen ?


If you are using a Mac then recording an iPhone’s screen is very easy. If you have an iOS device and Mac device and you are looking for an easiest way to record the iPhone screen to find the video out of it, just follow the give below tutorial. The given tutorial is prepared with the proper snapshots which will helps you to record the whole video without any extra software or device.

Before capturing any video you have to fulfill some basic requirements.


  • IPhone, iPod or iPad touch device is running on the iOS8 or higher
  • OX X Yosemite or the greater version on the Mac
  • Quick Time Player of version 10.4 or higher

These are some essential requirements to record the iPhone screen. Is you confirm the all above applications than follow the given below steps to record a video.


Step 1

The first step is to connect your iPad, iPod or iPhone device with Mac with the help of USB data cable. You will be required to configure the device by selecting the Trust option. This action will makes you able to get the proper connection between you Mac and iPhone.

Step 2

The next step is the launch the Quick Time Player on you Mac from the application menu and pick the Quick Time Player app form the menu.

Step 3

From the menu bar click the file button and menu will drop down there and then select the “New Movie Recording” option.

Step 4

A new screen is appeared on your desktop with the downward arrow and red button. Scroll the downward arrow you will see the list of devices and then select the iPhone form the list.

Step 5

When you select the iPhone from the option menu the screen will automatically turn on with the iPhone screen on the desktop.

Step 6

Now the all is set and in order to record anything from iPhone, you only need to just click on the red button and the Quick Time will starts to record video for you.

Step 7

After completing the recording you have to stop and the save the video by going on the quick time recording window and click on the stop button.

Step 8

To save the video you just recorded, go to the File and find the Save option form the window and the record video saved with the mov file addition.

So this is the way you can record the iPhone screen without using additional applications or software’s and you don’t require any Jailbroken iOS device.

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