How to quickly increase the storage space on your iPhone with deleting any content


If you have the 16 GB iPhone then there is a great chance that you are struggling with the low available storage space. A new trick has been exposed that allows a user to quickly free up some gigabytes of storage that you can use to do anything you like to do such as the taking pictures or downloading the new apps or games. This trick work such as try to renting the movie of large size, the available space on your device form the iTune store app. But you actually don’t have to rent the movie you’re just trying for it. The meanwhile we are not sure that what is happening in reality behind the scenes but we suppose that iOS plain the cache data and deletes the entire temporary file and create space for the movie you are actually trying to download it.

When this trick is tested on the 16 GB iPhone 6s device it will raise the available memory from 2.6 GB to 4.3 GB. This is the massive gain of the 1.7 GB which is enough space to take hundred of photos or download any game of large size.

How to free up Space from the iPhone without deleting any content

Open the iTune store app from your iPhone and tap on any movie. Before that make it sure that size of the movie is larger than the amount of available memory in the device. Check out the current memory by going to Setting > General > Storage and iCloud Usage. When you find the movie tap of the “Rent” button twice and you will notice that iTune Store display the rental charges for the movie but you don’t worry you will not charge for anything to use this trick.

After clicking on the download movie option your iPhone tells you that there is not available space to download the movie. After this action you need to click on the “Setting” button and go to the Storage and iCloud Usage and you will find that the available space is increased that you have at the begin of this process.  Repeat the above steps again and again until the available space stops to increasing.

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