How to place a shortcut of app icon on your Mac’s desktop


OS X and the Windows are considered to be very much similar in several ways when it comes to the desktop operating systems but it is also true that they are dissimilar in many ways. The one thing that you find the unique on the both the OS X and the Windows when you compared it that you could not find the any app shortcut icon on your desktop. Instead of finding them on the desktop they are either placed in the dock in the Launch Pad or that you can find them in the application folder. On the contrary the windows allowed their users to freely place the app shortcuts or the even the original icon on the user’s desktop.

If you have freshly moved to Mac from the Window PC then you becomes frustrating that you are not able to place the shortcut of the newly download or existing app icon on your desktop screen. If this is happening and you become irritating of all act then we got a idea that will great tip and allow you to place any shortcut icon of any app on your desktop screen.

How to place app shortcut icon on you Mac?


The first step is to search the application option form the window finder and then click on the application tap from the sidebar.

The next step is to search the install app icon that you want to place on your desktop screen. In order to place the app shortcut icon on your desktop screen drag the app icon that you want to place on the desktop screen and then drop it on the desktop screen that will create the app shortcut icon on the desktop.

You can repeat the same steps in order to place more app icons on your desktop screen. Now, you can enjoy the desktop feature icon with an easy method to place you favorite app icon in your desktop screen.