How to install Tongbu app on iOS 10 and above devoid of Jailbreak

How to install Tongbu app on iOS 10 and above devoid of Jailbreak

Tongbu is an app of China that has been created to avoid a variety of high-safety actions in Apple phones comprising iOS 10 on iPad and iPhone with no Jailbreak.

A consumer will be capable to install quite a lot of apps free of charge by means of this app that otherwise she or he ought to pay for generally. Tongbu App can be installed on ever iOS 9 device as well.

It is basically created to work as an alternate for App Store.

Tongbu top features.

  1. Fully compatible among every iOS device.
  2. This app finds numerous significant uses in jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices as well.
  3. Easy music files, videos, eBooks transfer from iOS device to your computer.

How to install Tongbu without Jailbreak:

  1. Go to your favorite browser in the iPad or iPhone. In a case, Safari browser is suggested.
  2. Once you go in the browser put the authorized Tongbu website address that is given below.
    ‘http: //’
  3. Then it will take you to website of Tongbu. The website shows 2 Tongbu app types.
    1. A pineapple picture intended for Jailbroken devices
    2. An apple picture intended for non-jail broken devices
  4. Choose the types derived from whether your device is jailbroken or not.
  5. When you have selected the device kind, the installation procedure will initiate automatically. Wait for only some seconds if the installation doesn’t start. When it is effectively completed on your device, the Tongbu app will be visible on home screen.

One major disadvantage in employing this app, it is accessible only in Chinese language. This can be taken care of by getting tweak of Cydia Auto Translate. The tweak assists to convert Chinese into English edition, thus permit you to utilize the app devoid of any hassle.