How to install the Window XP on an iPad or iPhone


If your last weekend is some much board and you want to going on the new cool project then this article will covered all this. This post will tell you how you can install the Window XP on your iPad, iPhone or any iOS device. The important thing to note that before the excitement and the installation of the Window XP, your device needs the Jailbroken to work properly. You also need the external keyboard to move the arrow keys for the better typing experience and the navigations.

How to install the Window XP on an iPad or iPhone

There are some steps which you can follow to install the Window XP on your iOS devices.

  1. From your Jailbroken iPad, iPod, or iPhone touch on the “Open Cydia” and add the link “” to your sources.
  2. Tap on the search tap once the source have become refreshed, after that type “Bochs” and install it and then search for the iFile Documentation and then install it also.
  3. Launch the iFile app after the completion of the installation from the homescreen. The next step is tap on the button at the right top corner of the screen until it disappears and after that scroll down and tap on the User” option and then on the “Library”. After that tap on the Edit option and then click on the “+” button, type the “Bochs” to give name to the folder and then hit on the “Done” button.
  4. The next step is to return back on the homescreen and then launch the “Safari” browser and then open link here. Start downloading the file and then tap on the iFile from the “Open In” menu options and then further tap on the “Unarchiver” and then hit on the “Done” button. After that scroll up for any editing and then hit on the “Edit” option and now tap on the WinXP folder.
  5. The next step is to tap on the “Cut” from the clipboard and then moves back to the Bochs folder which you created before and tap on the “Edit” option button and the Paste here.
  6. Now open the Bochs from the option and then tap on the WinXP. You will receives the message on your screen after a minute doing this which ask you Loading the Windows XPE (The Horse Power) and it will be disappear after the few seconds. You will also see the Window XP logo after a minute on the screen bar and loading bar. A blue background will be appear on the screen after a minute and just after 30 to 40 seconds a new tap will appear which saying that Windows XPE Pre-installation Environment.
  7. The window will take twenty minutes to boot and you need to wait it and straight after the completion for the boot you will see that the Window in now running on your device and you can adjust you setting according to your preference.