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How to Install iOS 10 Beta 5.


Downloading it on your iPad or iPhone as well right now. Just similar to with earlier releases, you can get iOS 10 beta 5 though you do not have a developer account. We would recommend you to stay waiting meant for iOS 10 public beta 4 in its place, which ought to be release on Tuesday.

If you are previously using iOS 10 developer beta, in spite of if you have a developer account or not, then you are able to upgrade iOS 10 beta 5 simply like you would upgrade every version of iOS. Just go to Settings>General>Software Update. If you are have iOS 10 public beta, then you will need to trail the similar steps to upgrading iOS 10 public beta 4 which will offer the similar features the same as iOS 10 beta 5.

Or if you have just found out about iOS 10 and desire to use it but do not know to have a developer account than you can also sign up in favor of Apple’s public beta at given link: “beta.apple.com”.


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If you would like to have the developer account version, then you will need to execute a search on Google to locate a “developer profile”, after finding it set it up on your device, and after that simply go to Settings, and try Software Update. After that it will give you the option to install iOS 10 beta 5 version.

Before downloading developer profile you will need to enroll yourself. First open: beta.apple.com, after that scroll down and look for the highlighted portion of “How to enroll your device”. Open it and enter your apple id and password, tap sign in and then accept. After that you will get the option of “download profile”. There you go!

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