How to get vShare App on iOS 10 with Jailbreak

How to get vShare App on iOS 10 with Jailbreak

The entire world is crazy on the recently iOS 10 intended for iDevices, it can’t be refuted that several people are in search of special features and apps that can be utilized on their iDevices.

It is correct that iOS 10 is believed to contain of numerous improved upgrades as  compared to the preceding versions and it will absolutely contains vShare app that was accessible for the preceding versions as well, but certainly with a few better features and functions.

What is vShare?

Basically this was an app installer of Cydia that was utilized to get every paid app for free of charge. vShare is an utterly complimentary app and it is updated occasionally for added features. If you have utilized Installous subsequently you be acquainted with how irritating are those captcha codes and waiting is.

The finest characteristic of vShare is that it will present you every iPA file and all the compensated apps, games, and the tweaks from store of Cydia for entirely free of charge.

Steps to download and install vShare app.

  1. At this moment, when you jailbreak your iDevice, after that you need to get Appsync from Cydia. There are loads of sources but it is suggested to download it by means of the authorized repo.
  2. The initial step is to open the Cydia store and after that tap on the tab of Manage, then Source, and after that lastly tap on Add option.
  3. Then you will require the authorized vShare repository intended for downloading and searching Appsync. The authorized repository is given below.
  4. When the given repo is added, after that you will be capable to search every app. In Cydia look for Appsync. The repository of vShare will locate it and then install it.
  5. At the same time as installing is complete. Open Appsync app and after that look for vShare or AppVV. Cydia will give you the appropriate alternatives intended for downloading. Download it and then simply reboot the device one time. That is it.