How to Fix iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

Have you got your iPhone 4S stuck in the recovery mode ever or more specifically in the recovery mode loop? This is not a problem to worry at all. If this is your situation, in this article you will be able to find the exact solution beyond doubt. There are a huge number of customers who face the same problems and incase it’s their first time, they are also not able to understand what should be done in certain scenarios. Firstly before jumping into any conclusion, it is important to know the reasons why the phone has undergone into a iPhone 4s recovery mode loop.

Fixing the problem of iPhone 4S Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop is easy

There are a lot of reasons why your iphone has gone into a recovery mode loop. For instance, it could be due to the older versions of the iTunes software that started malfunctioning during the installation process, wrong installation of firmware or incomplete update procedure of the OTA. Problems can also occur while you disconnect your phone from the USB cable while the update process was going on. These are the primary reasons and apart from these, there are lots of reasons for an iphone going into a recovery mode loop. Most of the time it so happens that, whenever you try to switch on your phone, it will fall into a recovery mode, if the above mentioned incidents take place. Now, let us have a glance at the solutions that are available when such a situation is encountered by an individual.

iphone s stuck recovery mode

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How to fix iPhone 4s stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

Download Recboot is an essential software that will be immensely beneficial for removing the phone out of the recovery mode. This is a software that is available online for free for both Mac and windows devices. With this software in hand, you will be able to remove the recovery mode of your phone within one click. Here are the following steps that are necessary to download and install the Bootrec to remove your device from recovery mode.

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Steps to Download and Install RecBoot iPhone, iPad Devices

1. Firstly, you will need to download RecBoot software and run the software.

2. While running the software, your phone, which needs to be removed from the recovery mode, must be connected to the computer.

3. Once your phone is recognized, you will be able to find two buttons on the Bootrec window. One of them depicts “entry recovery mode” while the other says “exit recovery mode”.

iPhone 4s stuck in recovery mode

4. You will need to tap on the “exit recovery mode” that will be on the right side of the of the RecBoot window.

5. That’s it, if you can see the white logo of Apple; you can consider that the phone is running again on normal mode.

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