How to Fix “Cydia Stuck on Reloading Data Error ” on iPhone or iPad

I have heard many people say that Apple devices are the best that there is and their belief is such that they think it works fine anytime, anywhere. This when put into perspective may be right to some extent but not all the time.  In fact some users grow impatient towards a simple lag or hang of the iDevice, which in most cases is the iPhone.

Solution for How to Fix “Cydia Stuck on Reloading Data Error” on Your iPhone or iPad Touch

This happens a lot of times in the case of Cydia. There are times that while refreshing Cydia, data gets stuck and gives back no response at all. This may be related to a lot of factors. This may be a case because some repos may contain bugs, or simply when the Cydia store updates all the packages it just takes an awful lot of time to re-load which in turn results in the lag or sometimes gets stuck. In other cases some repos may not be responsive enough on offline mode, so when they touch online mode again, they just take too much of time refreshing their data, which results in the device getting stuck. One more reason for Cydia getting stuck when refreshing data is when you have too many third party repos added to Cydia.

If you are a user gifted with the virtue of patience, then you can go on and wait for it to respond back again, or simply follow these steps to get out of this juncture and get started with your device again.

How to solve the Cydia Stuck on Reloading Data Error issue?

I do have one way to solve this issue, for which you simply have to follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Launch Cydia.

2. Then tap on sources, starting from the bottom.

Fix data error on cydia stuck ios 8

3. You need to scroll down till the time you see the source which has the refresh icon spinning, which might turn out to be the cause of the whole problem.


4. So once you have identified this source or the cause of the problem, just get rid of the same as doing so would fix the issue immediately.

5. To do so, swipe left on the selected repo and tap on the delete option to take it out of the system and restore the parity of Cydia.


Taking these measures would help you solve the problem immediately, so you don’t have to wait too much longer. Sometimes the problematic repo might be something of importance or one which you like and use, so I would suggest you take a screen shot or back up to restore it onto your iDevice later.

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If you are unable to take backup or a screen shot, the simplest solution here is to pen it down on a piece of paper so you can download the repo later and add it back to your iOS device.