How to find your iPhone without Internet Connection


To find out your lost iPhone is been a great fun and you can easily got it and you are also able to play the sound even the ringer is off, you can find its location and even lock it remotely. But it is very unfortunate that the activator only works when the data connection of your mobile phone is active or it is connected with the Wi-Fi hotspot (there is a chance that your mobile is not in the range of authorized hotspot). There is no need to worry about that you can find out your iPhone easily with the new activator app but before that make sure that you device needs a Jailbroken to perform it accurately.

There are some steps you should need to follow them to find out your lost iPhone without having internet connection

  • The first step is to make sure that you have installed the Activator from the Cydia.
  • Open the Activator and select “Anywhere” from option.
  • The next step is to pick the “Build” button at the right top corner and then choose the “Received Message”. After that put down the “Sender” field vacant and then enter the custom message (as I am using FindMyiPhone) which you want to send to find out your phone and then save the event.
  • Now you need to select the newly made event and you can also select what you want to ensure when you phone receives the message. For example, for myself I set the 2 events, first is the “FindMyiPhone” which is simply turns on the ringer and turn the ringer upto the 100% volume and plays a sound.
  • The second is “LostMyiPhone” but this is more complex. It turn on the Bluetooth, BioProtect, Cellular Data, Location Service, Flashlight, Ringer, LTE, Vibration, turn off the Auto Brightness, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb, and turn on the media and the ringer volume set up high to 100% which sounds a message and says that “This iPhone is Lost” and also displays a phone number to make a call. It speaks loud “This iPhone is lost” ring the alarm with the vibration.

Hope that this can helps you to find your lost iPhone with this handy feature of an Activator.

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