How to Enable WhatsApp on iPhone

Enable WhatsApp on iPhone

After introduction of smartphones the use of Social Media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Viber etc has dramatically increased during the recent years. Today we have number of social media applications that we can download on our phone. New features add up in the app after every updated version. Till the last year we can use WhatsApp only on our smartphones not on PC and Mac. But in January 2015, WhatsApp Web was introduced by its developers and allows its users to directly access their WhatsApp messages on their PC or Mac and can save media files directly to their computer. After launching it had some restrictions as well that you were only able to access to WhatsApp web from the Google Chrome browser and second thing is that iPhone users cannot access the Web because of “Apple platform limitations”. This means that except IOS users, anyone can access to Web.

But in August 2015,The Company also enable WhatsApp Web extension for the IOS users it means that now IOS users can also access to their WhatsApp messenger on their PCs and Mac also, and also allows the users to access the Web from different browsers. Although the browsers limitation has been removed and you can browse it with any browser, but still the IPad users were unable to access the Web from Safari browser. Also WhatsApp Web enabler is a new Cydia tweak on Cydia store which let you to enjoy WhatsApp Web service on your IOS. So if you are still searching the way to enable WhatsApp Web, here are some useful suggestions

1.Updated Version

First of all you need to check the version of your WhatsApp installed on your phone. If it demands update then update it first.


2. Open WhatsApp

After updated the WhatsApp, go to settings you will find the new option there “WhatsApp Web” tap it.


3. Opening URL

On your Mac open the URL, you can use any browser to open it.


4. Scan QR code

Follow the guidelines, Straighten your QR code scanner with QR code showed on the WhatsApp Web site on the Screen. After getting aligned you will observe a pop up screen confirming the setup was success. You are done, and now you can send and receive all messages and can access all received media on your PC and Mac.