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How to enable or disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) or Rootless Mode on Mac

How to enable or disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) or Rootless Mode on Mac

Apple has recently added the new security feature to the OS X which known as the System Integrity Protection with EI Capitan. The new feature also known as the rootless mode which makes the Mac less vulnerable and more secure to detect the malware. Truly it is for malware which modifies system files. The new rootless mode stops the any other user and the System Administrator or from the other modifying certain OS files and the directories. Although it is recommended for the each user to keep the rootless mode or the SIP mode enable every time.

There are some examples when you really want to disable it to perform the certain actions on your computer and use other utilities or when you want to open certain programs which cannot work with the SIP enabled.

If you find the rootless mode or SIP mode unnecessary and quickly want to disable it from your Mac then you need to follow the simple steps which are given below. In this post you will learn how to disable the rootless mode on your Mac which is running with the OS X EI Capitan or latest. You can also disable the rootless on the macOS Sierra by following the same steps. But before you proceed further it is beneficial for you to mentioning again that the SIP is the security feature and disabling it regularly will make your Mac vulnerable.

Disabling SIP or Rootless mode on Mac

  • Reboot you Mac and just before the OS X start to running press and hold the “Command + R” keys quickly from your keyboard. This act will enables you to enter into the Mac Recovery mode.
  • When you see the Apple logo let the button and the progress bar, which indicating that the Mac is entering into the Recovery Mode.
  • The next step is to click on the Utilities option right from the top menu bar and click on the “Terminal”.
  • On the Terminal app enter the “csrutil disable” and then press the enter button.

One you have done all you will experience and see the “Successfully disabled System Integrity Protection” from the terminal. You should need to restart you Mac to experience the effects.

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