How to Enable or Disable Raise to Wake Lockscreen Feature on iOS 10

How to Enable or Disable Raise to Wake Lockscreen Feature on iOS 10

Apple has recently changed the lockscreen that completely changes how the lockscreen works on the iOS. Instead of using the slide lock to unlock your mobile you just only need to press the home button to unlock the device and you can easily swipe left or right to get access to the new widgets or use the camera screen respectively. The one of the lockscreen function which many of users may like it is the Raise to Wake feature, which function as to wakes the device screen when you got your iPhone. This is the great feature to getting access or viewing the notification on the widgets or using the camera without using any key or button.

There are other benefits for the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus of using the Raise to wake as it is featured with the super fast second generation Touch ID sensors. The users of the new models complained that the fingerprint scanner of their homescreen is so quick that when they press the button to wake their homescreen to view the pending notifications, instead of opening the notification the iPhone gets unlocked quickly. Apple has come up with the solution to grasp the problem with the Raise to Wake and just press to unlock.

However some the iOS 10 users not like the Raise to Wake feature for several reasons. If the user misses the super speediness of the Touch IS button and wants only to unlock the screen with the one press of the button without any delay then switching off the Raise to Wake is the best option for them.  If you turn off the Raise to Wake feature on your iPhone device running with iOS 10 then you can only do so from the Setting app.

Follow the steps which are given below to know how to enable or disable the raise to wake feature.

Disabling Raise to Wake on iOS 10

  • The first step is to open the Setting app and scroll down right now to view the Display & Brightness option.
  • From that page simply turn-off the toggle which is next to the “Raise to Wake” to disable it.

Once you turned-off the option on your iPhone the screen would not raise when you get it. You need to press the home or power buttons to turn-on the screen back.