How to enable native notifications in Chrome for Mac


If you are Chrome user for Mac then you have frequently noticed that the browser sends you a notification whenever you are using the other different apps. Every time you receive the message from any web app it will be opened in the Chrome browser as you receive any notifications. The notification of app which appears on the top right corner of the screen is nothing different from the OS X banners because the Chrome has its system and it uses its own notification alarm. When the Google finish to add the OS X native notifications in support to its favorite browser the change will recently appears.

The user of Mac’s are able to receive the notifications of the any web app which is opened in the Chrome browser just like it appears with any other built-in app of the computer. The notifications which you receive on your Mac on the Chrome browser are not like the native OS X banners but they are frequently appear and displayed In the Notification Center. The new notification support app which is recently added to the Chrome browser it not enables by default on the browser. You should need to copy the following URL from your address bar to enable the native notifications in your Chrome browser for Mac, then hit on the enter button and then under the Enable native notification click on the “Enable” button. After doing this you will start to receive the alerts about the native OS X notification from your Chrome browser.

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The native notifications are now finally enabled on your Chrome browser. The important thing to note that you may experience some serious issues as this feature has yet to be roll out by default for example you will not receive any notification for some occasions after enabling this feature.

How to enable native notifications in Chrome for Mac