How to easily create or delete contact groups for iPhone and iPad


We add number of contacts on our phone on daily basis related to our friends, family and work. So it will be easy for us to approach them if we categorize them by dividing into different groups and sub groups. In most of the phone you find the option of groups where we can categorize them easily. But if you have an iPhone then it takes some more efforts to create and delete groups. IOS has some flaws and this is one of the flaws that we cannot directly add or delete the contacts groups on your iPhone. In this article we will let you know that how can you easily add or delete the contacts groups on your iPhone. The process is quite simple.
There are two methods by which we can add or delete the contacts groups on your iPhone. Let describe them briefly

Add or delete the contact groups from

Contacts creation is not directly possible on iPhone or iPad, so it can be done through you Mac or PC. iCloud does the great job in storing and syncing the contacts on your iPhone and iPad but one more feature that iCloud provides is adding or deleting the contacts groups which helps you to connect to people more faster. To manage the contacts groups through iCloud follow these steps
1.    First off all, connect your phone with the PC or Mac

 2.   Launch the iTunes and start syncing. The iTunes will create the backup file of your contacts

3.   Now open from your Mac and log in your Apple account

4.   Click the contacts button here, on the next page you will see the “₊” icon on the bottom left side tap it

5.   Now you can add and name the group you of your choice like friends, family, sports etc. You can also rename the       group by double clicking on the sidebar.

6.   After giving the desired name to the group, now click on the “All contacts” button on the sidebar and drag the contacts to put them on the group. You can add as many contacts as you like.

After creating the group goes to the contacts app on your phone and clicks the Refresh icon found on the left side of the contacts app. If you see the “₊” icon instead of groups then click on it and then tap on refresh. The groups you have created on the will be directly synced to your phone. You can also delete the contacts groups through

Create or delete the Contacts through third party application


Steps to Record the Screen of iPhone

Another method to add or delete your contacts groups is through downloading third party application which allows us to manage your contacts directly on your cell phone. There are number of applications available on the app store from which you can make choice of your own. In this article we will recommend you an app “Address Book plus” which is inexpensive and easy to use. But you can go for another app too. After having the on your phone do the following steps.
1.     Open the app and give it access your contacts

2.     You will notice the icon “₊” on the upper right, tap it

3.     On the next screen you will can create the group and name it as per your choice like friends, family, co-workers             etc.

4.     Now go back to default screen of the application you will observe the group here which you have just created                under the section “Cards”. Make as many groups as you want.

5.      Now press the “All Contacts” button on the app which will show you all the contacts stored in the phone you can select the contacts of your choice and can add them to the groups by tapping the “i” icon next to the contact .

Similarly if you want to remove the contact from the group simply go to the Home screen of the app again and click on the group from which you want to delete the contact by entering the group, it will show you all the contacts stored in it. You can easily delete the contacts by again tapping the “i” icon on next to the contact name.