Apple Relesed How to Download iOS 8.3 Beta to the Public Beta, no Developer Required

Apple released the beta version for iOS 8.3 back in March. It is widely expected of Apple to release the full version of iOS 8.3, as it is marked as the last of the series 8 Update, before it unwraps its next generation update iOS 9, which is again widely anticipated in the Apple community.

iOS 8.3 Beta Public iPhone, iPad, Apple Touch

So keeping that in mind it is expected of Apple to release the iOS 8.3 within the next month or so. The iOS 8.3 Beta can be upgraded on devices provided the currently installed OS is 8.1.3 or higher, as lower than that would not support this BETA version of iOS 8.3.

iOS 8.3 Beta also represents something of a change in attitude from Apple, as like never before it made this Beta version public even before it released the iOS 8.2. It marks the first iOS version for which Apple is holding betas out in public, with the aim being to broaden its ideas to know better on the issues and bugs, with an eye to spot those bugs and issues and eliminate them altogether.

iOS 8.3 is expected to turn up with some ground-breaking new features which we have never experienced with any of the previous iOS versions before. But as mentioned, the BETA version is usually released to get to know more about the issues and bugs related to this update.

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How to Download iOS 8.3 Beta and Install

1. Firstly I would recommend you to create a back up of your current iOS version via iTunes, so that once you upgrade your iOS to 8.3 BETA, and say you don’t come to like it, then you can always go back to the previous iOS 8.1.3 or iOS 8.2, depends on what you hold currently. Plug your device into your Computer  > Click summary > Click ‘Back Up Now’

iOS 8.3 Beta Backup

2. And after you follow the above steps and create a back up, finish the process by going to iTunes > Preferences > Device and find your back up. Hold that option and click on the back up, and finally choose archive.

3. You need to visit Apple Seed Beta program (Add Hyper link here – web page and click on Sign Up through your computer.

4. Enter your Apple ID and password and further to that you need to agree to the terms and conditions that Apple has outlined for this version of the iOS. Once you agree to these terms and conditions, you may get gain access instantly, or in some cases you may have to wait for some time.


5. After completing the above steps, you will see the download iOS 8.3 Beta section on the Apple Seed website, which will further allow you to start with the installation process for your device.

6. When you see the iOS 8.3 Beta information in the Apple seed website / area, open the link on your iPhone, and once your iPhone asks you to install the iOS 8.3 Beta, simply follow the instructions on the screen which will direct you to successfully install the iOS 8.3 Beta profile on your iPhone.

7. Once that is done, go to Settings > General > Software Update, and here you would find the iOS 8.3 Beta listed. So simply tap on the download and Install option. Make sure all this is done using a Wi-Fi Connection and ensure you have more than 60% of battery life remaining on your iPhone.