How to download HD movies on iPOD/iPAD/iPHONE

It’s always been issue for iPHONE lovers to customize their apple device fully which APPLE do not provide to their customers. Unlike Android users apple users do not enjoy full customization, because of the hardware restrictions imposed by apple’s operating system, which do not allow customers to download contents from other source other than APPLE store. Android users can surf easily without any restrictions and can download entertainments contents from any source but APPLE users have all theses restrictions. The solution of this problem is to “FACTORY UNLOCK” the cell phone or “JAILBREAK” the cell phone. One of the reasons of the jailbreaking is to enlarge the features of the device which is restricted by APPLE and its app store. So, the question is how to download HD movies to iDEVICES and make it possible to enjoy entertainment contents from different unknown sources .Here are few guidelines for Apple Users in this regard.

Step 1

First thing you need to know that this is not possible by default, first you need to jailbreak your iPHONE and than install “CYDIA” on your IOS 7 or IOS 8.After downloading the CYDIA search for “MOVIE BOX” and download it. Movie box is the application of CYDIA which allow APPLE users to download movies and different TV shows in HD on your iPHONE,iTAB,iPOD.                                                           

Now After downloading the Movie box, go to the HOME screen of the app which will show all the contents like movies, different TV shows. You can also look for movies and TV shows in the search bar. Here you can watch the movies online in different qualities you want and can also download it in HD quality. From movie box you can download contents in three different qualities Low, Medium and High. Press the Home button of the cell phone it will take movies or TV shows downloading process in the backend and you can continue multitasking on your cell phone. You can also put the movies and TV shows in the Queue list and number them accordingly. All the contents on the application update on the regular basis and the main feature of this application is that if any problem happens during the downloading you can open the app and resume the downloading. So this is one way for APPLE users to download HD contents without having torrent, A PC, iTUNES or a MAC.

Step 2

You can also watch and download HD contents on the iPHONE without jailbreaking. The process is simple first you have to download and install “vShare” on your iPHONE (UnJailbroken version).After installing, Open “vShare” and press “Trust”. The Users with the updated versions like IOS 9 will receive an Untrusted Enterprise Developer pop up window on the screen, which can be change by going into the setting by allowing the device to trust on “vShare”. By doing this you will be able to run “vShare”. After this process you can download the PlayBox. If you are unable to install the PlayBox, try after sometime or next day. If you restart the phone all the applications downloading through “vShare” will be crashed and you will need to reinstall the apps .Open PlayBox and log in with your APPLE ID and change the date and time of the device by going into the settings. You will be prompted by the warning of untrusted app developer when you will first time open the app. Again pop up window will appear and you simply press trust. The app will install without rooting your device. PlayBox suggests a huge selection of movies and TV shows you can watch, download and add programs to your favorite list.