How to download cydia jailbreak tweaks and apps for free

It is a fact that there are a huge number of potential customers that want to download the paid cydia apps for free. We bet you are also interested in knowing the ways that will be beneficial for you to know the tricks or steps for downloading the paid apps from cydia app store for free. There are a lot of ways for downloading the paid apps or the premium apps for an iPhone or iPad for free. One of the most powerful methods that are available right now is Cydia.


But before we get started with the tricks for downloading the apps, it must be known to you what the actual function of Cydia is. Although there are a few odd techniques for downloading cydia without jailbreak, but if you want to install cydia in a proper method, jailbreak is an inescapable way.

For the newbies who have never used jailbreak before, they must know that jailbreak is nothing but a process of removal of the restrictions that Apple has imposed over the iOS users. Jailbreak actually means accessing the root of an iPhone. Now that you have known the basic requirements for downloading the paid apps for free, let us begin with the steps that are essential for downloading.

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Steps For How to download cydia jailbreak tweaks and apps for free

1. The first step is to tap the brown logo and open the cydia apps on your springboard. And if you are unable to find the springboard, you will need to reinstall cydia.

2. While downloading the paid apps or premium apps for free, the cydia source must be added which is also known as the cydia repos for the host cydia tweaks that you would need to download.

3. If you can notice carefully, there will be certain default cydia sources that are available while downloading cydia. For adding the cydia repos, you need to go to Cydia, then

click on ‘manage’, then go to the ‘sources’ and lastly add the source. Once you can see the “Enter Cydia/APT URL” the cydia repo URL must be entered in that.

Download Cydia Add Cydia Sources

It must be remembered that certain things work differently on the iOS than android. For the android users they are only required to download the apk file and enjoy the apps for free, but in case of the iOS users, they must have the jailbreak for having the exact cydia repo and then look out for the desired Cydia apps from the repo. The cydia repos or sources are actually known as the directories for hosting all the great cydia tweaks and apps that are available from different developers. In this way, the cydia repos host a lot of premium apps that can be downloaded cydia apps for free.