How to download and install Sinful iPhone repo Cydia Cracked Apps – Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

It is a fact that there are huge numbers of applications that are present for the paid version of iOS only. This is the reason a lot of people wish to download the applications for free and thus they carry out jailbreaking for their iDevice. And after jailbreaking your device you will be able to download cydia cracked apps and sources for your device. With the development of iOS, the interest in Cydia applications was raised to a huge extent. There are a lot of repositories and out of them the best one can be undoubtedly said as the Sinful iPhone repo repository.

Download Sinful iphone repo cydia app and tweak on ios 8

What’s the importance of Sinful iPhone repo and why do you need it

This is the best because it adds those apps also that are hard to find. If you are able to download the sinful repository for your iDevice, you can see the huge collection of cracked apps this repo has got. You can definitely change the complete interface of your iphone. This is one of the largest repositories where you will be able to search and download a huge number of applications that will definitely improve the functionality and productivity of your phone. Check out the procedure for downloading and installing the sinful iPhone repo.

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Steps for How to Download and Install Sinful iPhone repo for iOS 8

1. The first thing that you need to do is jailbreak your device and you should know that the warranty of the device will be no longer valid. Now, as you have jailbroken your device you will have unlimited possibilities with the Sinful iPhone repo. Now, install cydia on your device.

2. Then, navigate to the Cydia application on your device and tap on “manage” from the “sources”.

Cydia Sinful iPhone Repo cracked cydia apps and tweaks

3. You will be able to see the list of sources that is installed on your device. Tap on the “edit” then “add”.

4. Now, you have to add the sinful repo URL and then again tap on “add”. If you get any warnings, you have to just press on “add anyway”.

Best Cydia Cracked Cydia Apps and Tweaks for iOS 8

5. Then wait a while until the cydia downloads the “sinful source” on your device. The download speed will vary according to your internet connection.

6. Now tap on the app and complete the installation procedure.

7. That’s it, you are done. Now you have successfully completed the downloading and installation of sinful iPhone Cydia repo, you will be able to download a huge number of cracked cydia applications for free and now you won’t need to worry about the limitation anymore.

These are the overall steps for the complete download and installation procedure of Sinful iPhone repo.