How to download and install AppSync for iOS 8, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.2 iPhone, iPod, Apple

Install AppSync for iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.1.2 can be said to be a must have app for all the jailbreak users. Actually whenever you are downloading any app from the Apple store, Apple automatically signs you up on that particular app from their end.

AppSync Download

How to Install AppSync for iOS 8, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.2

After that you have full access for installing AppSync app and run it on your iPhone or iPad. Also, the signup is required so that the app is not transferred to other devices. For instance, if the auto sign up process was not there, you would not be able to run the app properly in your devices.

It would get installed but the proper functioning of the app would be inhibited. This is the main purpose of signing up while downloading the app. There is Few steps for Install AppSync from Cydia

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Why download and install AppSync for iOS 8, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.2 with no jailbreak or cydia

But the prime factor of the jailbreak is you will be able to enjoy pirated apps as well as the cracked apps for free without being interrupted. What if you are not able to run the app on other phones? This is where the importance of AppSync download remains.

This is the perfect solution for you. Download AppSync is actually a type of tweak that helps a third party to sign in within the apps and games while synchronizing your account with the iOS development platform of their device and allow you to run the app.

As we are considering the latest version of the Apple update, we will focus on the AppSync on iOS 8 and further versions and their installation procedures.

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Easy way to download and install AppSync for iOS 8, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.2 for your Apple iPhone, iPod

1. There are a few easy installation procedures for the AppSync, but it must be kept in mind that there is no other way the AppSync can be installed without jailbreak or cydia.

2. The first step is to launch Cydia and click on manage.

3. When you find the “source”, click on the “edit” button.

4. The next step is to “add” the URL which will generate a pop up asking you to input the “Enter cydia/APT URL”. This is the place where you have to input the AppSync iOS 8 repo and add it.

AppSync for iOS 8

5. Now you will require some AppSync repo to avail the correct versions that are synchronized with the iOS version you use.

AppSYnc Latest Versions

6. After placing the sources, tap on “add” and after that tap on “Add Anyway” to add the sources completely.

7. Now you need to let the source get downloaded.

8. The final step is to get to the search box and type AppSync.

9. This will give you a list, select from the list that suits your iOS version and download it.

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