How To Download and Install Appcake for iOS 8

There are times when you find the right app but may not want to pay anything for it. You have always thought of the idea of accessing these very apps for free, haven’t you? Well, here’s the solution. Appcake is here, which is also known as iPAStore. Appcake is one of the best alternative that is there, giving you access to many paid apps free of cost. This is great, and with some simple steps you can have it on your iOS device. Appcake is also compatible with iOS 8.11 & iOS 8.1.2.

To install Appcake on your iOS device follow these simple steps.

How To Download and Install AppCake From Cydia For iOS8

Download and Install AppCake For iOS8

Check Appcake Compatibility before Downloading and Installation:

Download Appcake cannot be installed on the iOS device which is not jailbroken. are the developers for Appcake, for jailbroken Cydia enabled iOS Devices. So simply follow the steps to successfully install Appcake on your iOS device.

  • To install, you need to get the Appcake Repo, for which Jailbreaking is essential. So make sure you jailbreak your iOS device to get this Repo.
  • Once you jailbreak your device, make sure you have Cydia Installer in your iOS device. This is important.
  • Do small checks first, by searching for Cydia on your iOS device, and once you find Cydia installed on your device, you can go ahead and now install Appcake on your iOS Device.

 Installation of Appcake on your iOS 8 Device

1. Add the iPhoneCake repo, where Appcake is categorized in its section. So to better understand this step, tap on ‘Manage’ and then tap on ‘Sources’, then follow by tapping on ‘Edit’ and finally ‘Add’, where in you will be needed to enter which is the developer’s directory source.

AppCake iPhonecake repo

2. Once you have completed step one and added the developer’s directory source, take the next step by installing Appcake in the Cydia appstore. Once done, tap on the sources option on the screen which we had added during the first step and there hit the iPhone source. A long list of tweaks or apps for Appcake would appear to you from which choose the one compatible for iOS device.

AppCake Sources

3. There will be two versions of Appcake for iOS. One would be for HD devices and the other for all other iOS devices. If you are installing it on your iPad then choose the HD version while choose the other version for your iPhone or iPod. Finally install AppCake onto your device.

AppCake iOS 8

4. To complete the installation process, reboot your device and start using AppCake on your iDevice.

Install AppCake

Download and Install Appcake is a good tweak to access lots of paid apps for free. Try it and let us know if these steps worked for you.