How to downgrade iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3

The iOS beta 9 was released by apple to its developer community and the fact has been revealed that a lot of hidden secrets and features are present in iOS 9 including the higher spec face time camera and also the support of content blocking extensions in safari.

If you are not actually a developer but still you have decided to install iOS 9 beta 1 onto your iDevices iphone, ipad app developmet, for getting a peak at the features, then you should also know how to downgrade it. The reason is, if you cannot downgrade it, the bugs and battery drain will be definitely a primary reason for your headache.

Why Downgrade from iOS 9 beta 1 to iOS 8.3 ?

The iOS 9 beta download version is not at all efficient in handling the battery as much as the iOS 8.3 versions. You need to either purchase the external battery pack, or you have to downgrade it to iOS 8.3. And thankfully there are certain steps that will really help you in downgrading the iOS versions. Follow the simple steps provided in this article get rid of the problematic features of iOS 9 public beta.

How to downgrade ios 9 beta1 to ios 8

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1. The first step that you need to take is creating the backup of iOS 9 in the iTunes.

2. The next step is to disable the “find my phone” security feature from the iCloud section of the settings.

3. Then you need to download the iOS 8.3 firmware for your specific iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And then you will have to connect the device to your Mac or the PC and open the iTunes.

4. Put the device on the ‘Device Firmware Mode’. However there are certain things that you need to do before putting your device to DFM. They are as follows:

(a). You will have to press the power button and home button simultaneously for a minimum of 10 seconds. You need to remember that both the buttons must be pressed at the same instant or else the formatting will not take place and keep both the buttons pressed for 10 seconds.

(b). You will get a notification that the device is now in Device Firmware Mode.

5. The next step that you need to make sure is, select the option of “restore phone” and confirm the action. You may get other on screen pop ups and just keep on accepting them.

Now, you only have to wait for the restoration to be complete and then you are done.