How to convincingly quit unresponsive or stuck apps on the Apple Watch


Most of the time you have been is the situation that when you want to quit the unresponsive or the stuck app from your Apple Watch. We can simply open the app switches on the iOS device and swipe on the app card to immediately close the app but the things on the Apple Watch works differently. In this article we will tell you how you can speedily force to quit and unresponsive or the stuck apps without rebooting the enter device.

This is the special feature and specially works usefully when you still want to continue the using the existing app and its gone unresponsive. The app will remain stuck even if your return back to the home screen by using the digital crown. If you want say by the stuck apps then read the instructions carefully and perform step by step procedure to avoid it all.

Convincingly quit the unresponsive app on the Apple Watch

  • Press and hold the side button from your Apple watch until the power off menu is displayed on the front screen.
  • When the power off menu appears on the screen, press and holds the side button again until the display is appeared and you reached back to the home screen.

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Now all the apps which is creating problems and become unresponsive and slowing down the system have been closed. Now you are able to launch the apps again and hope that all the struggling apps now works properly and normally and not troubling again and stuck down the all unresponsive apps. So any time the app becomes unresponsive you are able the return back to the home screen by just pressing the digital crown button but you have to follow that all above given steps.