How to change the setting of fps for the slo-mo videos on iOS


iPhone has featured with the slo-mo or we can say the slow motion video recording feature and was introduced with the release of 5s in the 2014. The many of the Apple users have take the advantage of using this camera app without knowing or using the functionality and don’t know how to adjust the frame settings which enables their device to record the better quality slo-mos. You can change the fps settings from the setting menu and choose the frame between the 120 frames per second or the 240 frames per second option. By changing or applying this setting not only affects the quality of videos but also the size of the movies.

Follow the steps to improve your slo-mo videos quality and set your frame according to your preference.

  • Open the setting option and stars scroll down until you watch the “Photos & Camera” option from the setting app
  • Search the Record “Slo-mo” option from the “Photos & Camera” setting page and then tap on it.
  • Your see the two given options like the 120 fps with 1080p HD and the 240 fps with 720p HD.

By selecting the 240 fps option against the 120 fps option will enable your device to take 240 shoots in one second resulting of more smoother and the more dramatic slo-mo. Now the apple offers their users both options including the 120 fps with 1080p and the 240 fps with the 720p. The resolution of the video reduced to 240 fps to make sure the size of the video is not too much large. With the setting of 120 fps you can make the videos with the greater resolution.

There is no doubt that the 240 fps option will provide the amazing and better result of slo-mo video. The iOS also offers their users a great idea about the size of the video’s. The information is given on the setting page of the Record Slo-mo page illustrate that the one minute video recording with the 1080p at the 120 fps will take the 375 MB. The video recording with the 240 fps with the 1080p will only take 300 MB for the one minute video recording. You can select the option according to your preference and requirements.