How to Change the default web browser on your iPhone – Jailbroken


As the world’s best and most popular platform for the Smartphone the iOS offers the wide range of services to its customer in all over the world. The user of iOS can do and perform any thing form their devices and the default browser such as the Safari which is the preinstalled app and some of the users experience badly by using the browser. Apart from the preinstalled browser there are also numbers of different web browsers which are now available and you can download and use them easily.

If you are getting tired of using the preinstalled browser on your iPhone devices you can now change the default browser by just following the steps which are given below. Before downloading them make it sure that your iPhone device is Jailbroken with the Cydia installed.

Step 1

The first step is to go the Apps menu and then tap on the Cydia’s icon.

Step 2

The next step is to click on the “Search” option and then look for BrowserChooser by rightly entering there.

Step 3

In the next step you can see the app, allow the app to install on your device by just tapping on it.

Step 4

When the installation is completed then reboot your device again

Step 5

Now go again to the Setting menu and here you can see the BrowserChooser app, kindly tap on it.

Step 6

Once you have selected the options you can see the list of all available web browsers. Now you are able to select and open your favorite web browser from the available list. You are also able to set it as the default browser for your iPhone.

Tip: As the iPhone user if you don’t want to make any web browser as your default browser, you can uncheck the all web browser from the available list. Whenever you try to open any link a request bar will be open which gives you an option to choose from the available web browser to open any particular link.

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3 How to Change the default web browser on your iPhone – Jailbroken