How to change root password of your “Jailbroken” device and protect it from intruders

jailbrokenchange root password of your “Jailbroken” device

Although the “Jailbreak” process allows users to utilize additional new features which is restricted by Apple, but it also brings the security issues to your cell phone. You have read a lot of articles about the danger of “Jailbreaking” process which suggest you to stay from the “Jailbreaking”. Once you gone through the “Jailbreaking” process you have broke the strong network of the Apple which promise you to secure your device. But this is not possible at all you can secure your device by following some instructions. So it is very necessary to secure your device from the intruders who might access your iPhone without your notice. The first step you take to secure your device is to change the root password of your iPhone, this is important when you install OpenSSH, anyone remotely can have access to your personal data so it is necessary to change your root password periodically. Here’s how you can change your root’s password

1.    First off all launch Cydia on your device and install the OpenSSH package, make it sure that your computer and your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network
2.    If you are using Windows then first install “Putty” app and if you are using Mac then open terminal
3.    Now you need to find the IP address of your device, to do so open settings on your phone, go to the Wi-Fi and press the icon “i” next to your current Wi-Fi connection. You will find the IP address of your device on the top
4.    Now open terminal app on your Mac or “Putty” app on Windows and enter the following command SSH root@[IP address]. Replace the IP address with your device IP address
5.    Now your computer will make an effort to connect with your phone. And once it connected, it will ask you a confirmation enter the button “yes” to confirm.
6.    Now enter your default password which is “Alpine” and press the “enter”
7.    Now enter the command “Passwd” and enter you new password it will demand to enter your password twice but keep in mind that password must be secured.
8.    It is also suggested to change your mobile password by entering the command “Passwd mobile” and enter the password twice
9.    That’s it you have successfully change the root password of your device

Once you have changed your root password then your device is safe from intruders and in future, you can again change the root password of your device by following the similar process. To secure your device it is recommended to change your root password periodically.